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What does Tuolumne mean?

Why Tuolumne (pronounced tu-lum-ney or "To all o me"?)

Tuolumne is the name of a river in California and it sums up nature in the 21st Century.

It starts off in Yosemite National Park, stunning wilderness and alpine meadows.

Goes through a canyon of great beauty.

Is then subsumed in Hetchy Hetchy valley as a reservoir.

Goes on to irrigate Central Californian industrial agriculture.

Then supplies the cities of the Bay area.

Eventually goes into the Sea at San Francisco.

It is a Native American name.. the meaning is perhaps "the land of the mountain lions" or "the land of the stone tipis"

Yosemite is the birthplace of modern conservation.

San Francisco is the birthplace of the environmental movement.

The Native Americans emcompass how it is possible to live as part of nature, not against it.