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A few links

Geological Tours of Scotland: GEOWALKS www.geowalks.demon.co.uk/

Josephine Broekhuizen, Paintings: www.broekhuizen.me.uk/

Tim Pomeroy, Sculptor: timpomeroy.com/

An organic farm in Hertfordshire trying to make a difference www.churchfarmardeley.co.uk/

A short winter walk around Weston, Herts on Google earth: www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php

The wonderful birdlife of the Isle of Arran:

Timber framing: http://www.heartwoodframes.co.uk/index.htm

Tuolumne Nature Restoration blog: http://wildlifeofarran.blogspot.com/

Probably the best bookshop in the world..(well UK at least): http://www.davids-bookshops.co.uk/

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