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Tuolumne Nature Restoration is set up to help you with your specialist nature conservation & restoration needs. With 20 years experience working in nature conservation, we are able to provide sensitive solutions to your problems. It is difficult to find contractors that have the knowledge of conservation and its rationale, combined with the practical ability to complete the job.
How often have you explained to a contractor that they need to be sensitive on a site because of a special feature, to find at best a quizzical look? We understand why you need to protect species from damage.

Our specialism is in removing non-native invasive species, especially Rhododendron ponticum.

The principles of invasive species removal are not complex, but are often made so by inappropriate and often badly executed techniques.


We believe that the right level of machinery and technology should be applied in order to provide a working solution to your problem. Often, the use of machinery for its own sake will exacebate the problem and also be more expensive that a manual approach.

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