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How to own your own woodland

Do you want to own your own woodland?

It isn't that difficult. There are lots of places on the web where you can look for woodlands. I would recommend www.johnclegg.co.uk/ , as they tend to offer better value for money, and don't cater so much for the hobby woodlander.

To get the best value for money, buy as much land as possible. The best thing to do is to club together with others and buy a reasonable sized plot, and then subdivide the land into plots. It is a relatively straight forward thing to do, which any good solicitor will do for you.

This is exactly what a group of us have done in Scotland and we agreed that we would run our woodlands for the benefit of native wildlife and use native trees.

The other thing you could do is buy agricultural land and plant a woodland on it. You may need to approach the FC to check it is ok to do this, but as there is always a need for more woodland in the UK, it should be a formality.

The cheapest land in the UK is upland rough grazing (poss £500/acre) but usually in large blocks. Farmland may be £3000 an acre. Fully mature Broadleaved woods go from £3000 acre upwards.

Think about approaching a local farmer to buy a bit of land they don't want. Now is going to be a good time as times are hard for everyone and people aren't interested in buying land for housing or speculation.

From a nature restoration point of view, it is best to buy a dense block of softwoods (i.e sitka spruce), fell it and then replant with broadleaves.


Get started...it takes a long time to grow a woodland and we only live for part of an oak tree's lifespan. It is a humbling business waiting for trees to grow.

Trees grow when your not watching them.

£1 will buy you 1m square of mature woodland - cheaper than carpet.

An acre of woodland seems much bigger than an acre of open land.